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Lone Skiff

Anchor and Oars

Fishing Boats

Blue Bucket List


4 Working Skiffs

2 Blue

Rowed Warriors

Boats and Buoys

Blue Chips

Working Skiffs

Blue Working Skiff

3 Skiffs

Green Skiff

Bright Skiff

Five Skiffs

White Skiff



Skiff and Buoys



The Flotilla

The Boat of Many Colors

The Way Home

Along the Seawall

Little White Skiff

Painted Skiffs

A Nightwatch

Night Harbor

Green and Blue Skiff

Harbor Light



And that's why they call it The Blues

Big White Skiff

Double Vision

Sings the Blues


Flight of Fancy

Blues in the Night

A Trio in Sea Flat

Night Vision

Boat on Blue

Close to Shore

Harbor Lights

Nocturne in Sea Major

Rowed Not Chosen

Home Suite Home - Red Roof

Home Suite Home - River Willows

Portofino Broadside

San Tropez Sunset Broadside

San Tropez Marina Broadside


Ivory and Gold Broadside

Red Yellow Green Broadside

Red Yacht Broadside

Windy Morning

French Country Reflection

Morning Sun, Burgundy

French Mill

Rancho de Taos Door

Daybreak (2007)

Sun in the Valley (2007)

Above Florence

Olive Country, Tuscany

Fall at the Home Place